New Fiddler from Japan at Lyon

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New Fiddler from Japan at Lyon

Messagepar annaT » jeu. 22 nov. 2018, 09:41

Bonjour !
I am a fiddle player from Japan.
I will stay at Lyon for 3 years.
I'm learning French but now I can not understand so much.
But I would like to take part in some bluegrass jam session or live.
(Also I would like to join a band if someone need a fiddler.)

Do you have some information of jam session or live in Lyon?
(I did not bring my instrument at this time from Japan, so I would like just to listen and feel atmosphere before going back to Japan.)


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Re: New Fiddler from Japan at Lyon

Messagepar GeoBar » jeu. 22 nov. 2018, 16:15

Hi Anna

There is a FaceBook group :
or the FBMA page :

Do not hesitate, contact them.
Some of them are on this forum, they'll maybe wake up and answer.

We are "Bluegrass en Gascogne", in south west (Toulouse region). We organize Bluegrass & Old Time Music weekends and sometimes people from Lyon region come. They could pick you up, if you wish.
Watch the topic "Concerts, Festivals &Événements" in December. The WE will almost certainly be in March.
S'il vous manque quoi que ce soit, n'hésitez pas à m'en faire part, je vous expliquerai comment s'en passer.

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Re: New Fiddler from Japan at Lyon

Messagepar isabelle » jeu. 22 nov. 2018, 20:20

Anna !
Welcome to Bluegrass association !
There is a Jam session In LYON every Monday from Nine O'clock in the evening.

The address below:
108, rue Saint-Georges
69005 Lyon

Metro "St Jean"

See you soon !

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Re: New Fiddler from Japan at Lyon

Messagepar Mandochris » ven. 23 nov. 2018, 09:49

Hi Anna. Welcome. The Lyon jam is fun. I do not live in lyon but I will be there on December 3.
Isabelle is a regular