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Fiddle bow shopping in Paris

Posté : jeu. 19 avr. 2012, 17:52
par lswanson
I'm a dobro player who recently took up fiddle. I'll be in Paris the first week of May, and while there I plan to cruise Rue de Rome and the violin shops and maybe buy myself a new bow. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what shops a bluegrasser looking for a 3-400 Euro bow (as opposed to a classical player looking to spend 5000) should check out? Thanks, great to see there's bluegrass happening in France!

Posté : jeu. 19 avr. 2012, 20:22
par grassmatinee
Hi Iswanson, and welcome here!
In my mind, the prettiest you could find in Paris, with a "bluegrass twist", is François & Rosine Charle's Shop.
17 Galerie Vero-Dodat 75001 PARIS


Posté : jeu. 19 avr. 2012, 22:05
par RésoMan
Yes, it's a real good spot. It's open on the afternoon from tuesday to saturday.

Have a nice trip to Paris. Unfortunately, I'm not in town cause it's the french vacations but nest time, may be.

Take care,

Pierre aka Col.Resoman

Posté : lun. 23 avr. 2012, 23:32
par lswanson
Thank you for your suggestions, the shop looks perfect!

Pierre, great to hear from another dobro player - perhaps I'll see you in Nashville at ResoSummit sometime!